What If?

"What if I'm not good enough!"

"What if I fail!"

"What if nobody wants what I am offering!"

"What if I really am a loser!"

"What if I am not smart enough!"

"What if I am not worthy!"

Wow...have you ever battled in your mind with statements like those? I know I have.

I would venture to say that there are a lot of you who have battled your inner voice of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Where does this come from and how do you overcome this?

One of the greatest battles you will ever face is between your own ears. If you are struggling with those kind of thoughts, the first step is to recognize where they are really coming from.

Your Past: What in your past is still rattling around in your mind causing you to stop or never pursue that goal / dream? Can you identify and name it? Facing the monster from the past is hard, but if you're going to move forward you have to recognize the source.

For me, it is the times when I fell short. The times when I didn't make the cut or get the job. The times when I was overlooked. What about you?

Other Voices: The voice you listen to will determine how high and how far you can go. Are you listening to the voices of other people? There are so many critics out there. The ones who for whatever reason are tearing you down with their words. Words can cut like a knife and leave deep wounds.

What about your own voice? I hope that the voice you hear is your own voice that is encouraging you forward. If your own voice is keeping you down, you need to hit the reset button and begin giving a positive, life giving message to yourself!

So now we come to the "What If's". "What if I try and fail?" "What if no one will show up?" "What if I get mocked?" "What if I'm not good enough?" "What if everyone else was right?" "What If...what if...what if...?"

The "What If's" will absolutely keep you from the victory. The "what if" question will cause you to freeze, doubt, fear, and create stagnation in your life, business, and career.

Here's the's the beginning of the answer. The "What If" needs to turn into a "Why Not!" "Why not me?" "Why not now?" "Why not this?"

It's amazing how just a simple shift in the question creates a different mindset. But that's just the first step. The next step, the next question is "What Now?"

"What if?" needs to move to "Why not me?" which creates the action question, "What now?" Then, no surprise here, do it. Do the next thing, the first step toward your dream and goal. The first step is always the scariest one isn't it? Letting go of the comfort, letting go of the safety net, moving into the unknown may be hard, but it also creates excitement and passion.

So, what has been holding you back? What's been keeping you down? Recognize it, call it out and begin to change your questions, mindset and take action. You've got can do it!

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