Movement or Moment

Whether you are pursuing personal or professional direction, have you stopped to wonder if you are "Looking for a MOVEMENT or just a MOMENT?"

So, what is the differences between a Movement or a Moment?

A Movement:

  1. Begins from a Passion within You

  2. Has Longevity

  3. Follows a Driving Purpose

  4. Stands against Adversity

  5. Continues to Build

A Moment:

  1. Begins with an Impulse

  2. Is Short Lived

  3. It is a Quick Fix solution

  4. Breakdowns in the Face of Doubt or Trouble

  5. Leaves just as Quickly as it Comes

How do you not waste a moment? Even though moments come and go, there will be times when a moment can absolutely turn into a movement. In fact, it could be argued that even great movements can be traced back to a momentary decision.

Here are a few ways to not waste a moment:

  1. Don't ignore or overlook the simple. Everyone is looking for their BIG break and will miss the small, simple moment that can actually lead them there.

  2. Don't allow fear of the unknown next steps to freeze you in place.

  3. Write it down and reflect. Don't miss those thoughts and dreams by not writing it down. When you write it down you are able to go back and reflect.

  4. Keep the BIG Picture in mind. Even though it may not look possible now, it doesn't mean it will never happen.

It could only take a moment to create a movement!

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