Leadership Rhythm

Before we get into the Leadership Concepts - please watch this video:

Whether you like Nirvana or that song / genre at all; you've got to be impressed with the amazing coordination that it took to pull that off.

When I first saw this video I was immediately impressed with the organization, dedication, and talent. At the same time my thoughts drifted quickly to a few leadership take aways.

1. Passion. When people get passionate about something it is amazing what they will do to succeed. That kind of passion is contagious. Put that same passion into your life, organization, or relationships and I wonder how different they may be? This passion was not faked or apparently forced. It looks very much like it was something everyone was on board with and excited about.

2. Diversity. Did you notice how diverse the people were? Age, gender, race, style of music, and overall style. Good leadership knows how to pull in people from all different walks of life. I have to belief that everyone brought their own flavor to the group. Which makes it fun and interesting. It is important for leaders to get input from a variety of people and levels.

3. Coordination. This was impressive. The amount of people that had to be coordinated did not happen by accident. Nobody "accidentally" showed up with an instrument and started to play. Part of solid leadership is getting all the pieces together and in sync. It's no different in a company. As each department is working hard on their projects, it takes communication to pull it all together. Did you notice that there was a conductor of sorts? The person keeping everyone in sync!

4. Music. Okay, here is what pulled everyone together. The passion, diversity, coordination

all came together because they were ALL PLAYING THE SAME SONG! Can you imagine what it would have sounded like if hundreds of musicians were all playing a different song and different note? However, how many times does this happen in a company or organization...or even in a marriage. The key to success is that everyone has to be playing from the same "music". All working toward the same goal and the same win.

I hope, as always, that this has added value to you. That somehow it will help you Reach your Potential, Define your Purpose, and Live with Passion.

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