Expectation vs. Exception

Does your organization have a culture of "Expectation or Exception"?

Let me explain:

1. High Expectation Culture:

Whether it is Goals, Project Deadlines, simple Day to Day office duties, etc... do you expect employees and peers to perform at a high level?

When we set a high level and high expectation culture the following can happen:

A. Professionalism Increases

B. Productivity soars as goals are met

C. All - in attitude surfaces and becomes contagious.

2. Exception to the Rule Culture:

This will not only damage your organization & create:

A. A lack of professionalism and even a lazy culture

B. A culture that will never reach it's fullest potential

C. An atmosphere that will not attract high level clients

Warning: Having a high level expectation culture does not have to mean it's a cut-throat, no grace, no mercy, culture. Even when expecting high level performance you can do so without creating fear in your employees.

And, one more thing...this culture starts with you. Everything rises and falls on leadership!

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