Control the Controllables

My daughter and I recently visited a local restaurant for lunch. This restaurant welcomes all of their patrons with a loud, "Welcome to ________!"

Well maybe not all...

You see that's the point.

For some reason, whenever my daughter and I visit we never receive the welcome! Now, it's not for any other reason than they are busy or just don't see us coming in. Honestly, I don't really notice whether or not we get greeted. But my daughter, she notices each and every time. After we get our food and sit down, she immediately will say, "Seriously! Again! We didn't get welcomed!" What makes it even funnier is that we will both notice that "everyone" who came in after us gets a hearty welcome. Which only stirs my daughter even more. Now, we really do enjoy this place and it has become an ongoing fun conversation.

However, let's think about this in a different setting. Such as how we make people feel when they are around us. Or how we make people feel when they work with or for us. And, how customers feel when they buy from us.

This brings us to "The Golden Rule":

Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

How we want to be treated, is how we should treat other people.

As a leader you and I have a unique opportunity to shape and influence other people. Leaders have not just an opportunity, but a responsibility. Leaders can and will either lead out of their title and role or out of relationship and influence. Healthy leadership will flow from leading out of a posture of adding value to the people that you work with and lead. When we lead out of The Golden Rule, it will cause us to lead in a way that we would want to be led.

I'm sure you've heard of the statement:

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you respond."

The key word there is "YOU". Life is mostly how you respond to it: how you treat other people, how you handle crisis, how you celebrate, how you win, how you fail, etc...

So if we are going to live the Golden Rule out we should understand what really is in our control to do and to be. If you stop and think about your typical day, there are numerous things that you and I cannot control. But there are a number of things that only you can control. Let this be a reminder to control the controllables:

1. Attitude: you and you alone can control your attitude. Lots of people and circumstances can try and change it, but only you can allow it.

2. Thoughts: you have control over your thought life. What you think about yourself, others, and the circumstances will absolutely dictate your demeanor and actions.

3. Work Ethic: showing up to work on - time. Doing a project with excellence. Responding to emails and voicemails a timely fashion.

4. Health: you are in control of your physical health. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, working out.

5. Personal Growth: raising your leadership lid on a regular basis. Reading, listening, development.

6. Golden Rule: you are in control of how you treat and lead others!

What area(s) of your life have you been trying to control that you really can't control? What about area(s) of your life that you given away control that you need to get back?

The first step is to identify what is in your control and what is not.

Take back Control and live out the Golden Rule!

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