All in Leadership

Are you "All In"? Better yet, are those you lead "All In"?

How would you know?

What is the state of your heart & mind when you lead?

Sometimes it is not the “thing” that you are doing, but the reason why you are doing it that makes it great and makes all the difference.

You’re either all in or all out.

How to you know if you’re all in:

  1. Your service feels like a privilege & not a sacrifice

  2. You measure possible impact & not your personal inconvenience

  3. You lead and serve in honor & not a greed

  4. Your personal strengths are used for the team's priorities & not your personal preference

  5. Your win is the team's win & not compartmentalized silos

  6. You strive for excellence & not mediocrity

  7. You work and lead out of passion & not apathy

  8. You are staying hungry, humble, and smart & not stale, selfish, and dull

I've recently seen a quote sited as "various" as has a profound truth:

"Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway."

Are you in or out?

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