5 Qualities of a Healthy Leader

I hope you have had the opportunity to have either worked for or with a healthy leader. Or at the least have seen a good, healthy and strong leader. But what makes these leaders healthy? You can ask that same question about you as a leader. What makes you healthy? The kind of leader that others respect and want to be around. Unfortunately, we can probably all think about leaders and leader qualities that are not very healthy.

Here are 5 Qualities of a Healthy Leader:

1. Influence.

A healthy leader does not need to lead out of their Position. It is unhealthy in many ways when a leader feels they lead because of their seat. "I'm the boss...that's why..." It is more of a sign of frustration and insecurity. However, when a leader leads out of influence, it not only promotes health, but also a great team atmosphere. There are several factors that allow leaders to lead in this way. One of the main factors is when a leader is able to build Rapport with their team. To build rapport takes time and trust. You have to invest the time to build trust. To be the kind of leader others want to work with and for.

2. Ownership.

A healthy leader does not Blame Shift when there are issues. To me, quite honestly, blame shifting is one of the weakest qualities a leader can have. This is when a leader points fingers at everyone else and throws others under the bus. A strong, healthy leader will own their mistakes and the shortcomings that may have happened. This kind of leader will stand up for their team and take ownership. Then, behind closed doors can correct and train where needed. Teammates will recognize that this kind of leader values them and in turn will be the kind of leader the team will honor and follow.

3. Victor.

A healthy leader does not have a victim mentality. This mentality is the "whoa is me" "the sky is falling" mindset. It produces an attitude that everyone is against them, that the reason there may be struggling or issues is because they don't have the support or resources to succeed. A healthy leader is able to use whatever resources they have to come out on top. This kind of leader is the one who is first through the door. They believe the team will win. That there will always be a better way and a better version out there.

4. Positivity.

A healthy leader does not have a negative attitude. Attitude is absolutely contagious. People will often "smell" your attitude before you even speak. Pulling it's energy from the victim mentality, the negative attitude will destroy a team. Sucking the life and energy from the room. A positive leader is not an ignorant leader, they just choose to think positively. The lens by which we look through will give us different perspectives. Our attitude gives us the proper altitude to see the big picture, not just the issue hitting at the moment.

5. Team.

A healthy leader does not have a "me first" posture. This is the Lone Ranger, silo leader who only cares about themselves and their success. The "me first" posture lends itself to greed, ego, pride, get the point. Following a leader that looks to the team win is so incredibly refreshing. A leader who is looking to add value to their teammates. This kind of leader doesn't mind if someone else gets the credit. The team winning is not only important in the moment, but it also produces a healthy environment for future projects.

I hope this helps you on your journey in becoming the healthy and strong leader that others will want to follow!

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