3 Ways to Get Promoted

Who doesn't want to get promoted?? In whatever field or industry you are in, usually being promoted leads to more opportunity – more money – more influence.

I hope the following principles will absolutely Add Value to You and Help you to:

  • Reach your Potential

  • Define your Purpose and

  • Live with Passion

1. Good Self – Awareness

To grow yourself, you must know yourself. John C. Maxwell

Good Self-Awareness leads to the great leadership quality of Ownership.

Ownership of the part you play. Which also means that a high quality leader does not Blame Shift. Blaming everyone else for whatever the issues are.

Good Self-Awareness is about you adding value to those you work with. How you work with others and where you fit on the team. There are a lot of tests, assessments and quizzes out the Enneagram. The assessment that I use often is the DISC Assessment. You can click HERE for more info on how that works.

2. Grow Where You Are Planted

Too often we can find ourselves looking over the fence to the greener grass on the other side. Wondering what could be or thinking of jumping ship. Let me help you get to where you want to go. Be the best in the room – keep growing in your profession.

  • Grow Daily or Die Gradually. Everyday get better!

  • Become a Life Long Learner – listen, read, watch (doesn’t have to do with money)

  • Realize that you are your own lid. Don't settle for where you are in your leadership.

  • Be the Team Player that you would want: Encourager, Hard Worker

Do me a favor and answer this question:

Do you make the room better or worse?

3. Do the Basics Better

Don't overlook the simple things that need to happen on the daily. Trust me, when you do the basics better than everyone else you will get noticed. These are simple, but if we are not careful they are easily overlooked.

  • Show up on time (early)

  • Take Notes

  • Participate in meetings

  • Respond promptly to messages (phone, text, email, etc.)

  • Integrity – do what you say you will do

Put these 3 principles into action and you will find yourself standing out above and ahead of the rest!

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